Bea’s Witch book tour

Hello and welcome to my stop on the Bea’s Witch Book Tour for Lolas Blog Tour

Bea’s Witch
By Daniel Ingram-Brown
Genre: Magical Realism/ Contemporary Fantasy
Age category:Young Adult
Release Date: 30 July 2021

Published By: Lodestone Books

Rating: 4.5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

The future can be rewritten.

On the eve of her twelfth birthday, Beatrice Crosse runs away from her adoptive home only to encounter the ghost of England’s most famous prophetess. The witch offers her treasure, but can she be trusted? Bea must wrestle her past to discover the witch’s secret and find her way home.


I want to say thankyou to the Author for a free signed physical book and bookmarks very lovely and Lola’s book tours in a exchange for a honest Review.

I loved this book it’s very eery and intresting concept I love witches and spooky things. The chracture of Bea is well written I did find she can be a little ungrateful at times. She is Vaunrable teen who has a hard life. The themes in this book are well written as well. I would reread this book in October as it would be perfect to cozy up to in the autumn months. I loved the concept that Bea wrote it as a diary and rewrote it as a book form the pictures as well are great loved that. Great read 4.5 stars from me 🙂

About The Author

Daniel Ingram-Brown is a First Story writer-in-residence for secondary schools in Yorkshire. He has a Masters in Creative Writing and Drama in Education, and is currently studying for a PhD exploring adoption through creative writing. He is also a playwright and is Artistic Director of Suitcase and Spectacles Children’s Theatre. Daniel’s passion lies in writing stories which inspire readers and audiences to think and wonder. Daniel is the recipient of the Taner Baybars award for original writing in the field of science fiction, fantasy and magical realism, awarded by the Society of Authors Authors’ Foundation. He lives in Yorkshire, UK.


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I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on this book let me know if you are planning to read this book.

Have a great Saturday

Rhiannon x

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🎆USA Faves 🎆

Happy 4th July to my American Followers to celebrate here are a few of my fave books set in the USA

🎆Little Women

🎆Simon Vs The Homosapiean Agenda

🎆Americain Panda

🎆Our Wayward Fate


🎆The Mediator seris

🎆Beach Reads

🎆Only Good Indians

🎆Of mice and men

Hope you have had a great 4th July please do recomend me some more books in the comments

Have a great evening

Rhiannon x

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July update

Hi wow July already June was a full on month I broke my elbow didnt read that much been doing tick Tock and spending time with friends I am back doing Rainbow guides.

I have started Loki amazing love Loki

And watching Euros 2021

I am in a brace and started physio

Reading plans read what I want not putting too much pressure on myself to read and review

Hope you all have a great month

I am doing some reading challanges

Take care

Rhiannon x

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I thought I give a update Last week I Broke and Dislocated my elbow fell over on uneven path and have to have surgery. I am in recovery and in a plaster cast so as you can imagine havent felt like reading books at the moment. But yeah my family and friends have been amazing and have got some lovely flowers and gifts. This is my first broken bone in my 31 years of life and it had to be the one that takes the longest to heal.

So yeah that’s what I have been up to

Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather I am watching the Euros so Go England.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️❤

Keep Reading

Rhiannon xx

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Fake News Book Blitz

I am super excited to bring you another book Blitz for Fake News by CJ Dunsford this book sounds really intresting and I can not wait to buy a copy of this book and read it in the future it’s about how the internet can be a not very nice place


🏵Mental Health Awarness week🏵

I absolutely love that Mental health awarness week is focusing on Nature. During last year and into this I have been out in Nature it’s so calming and I am lucky to live in Dorset were i can sit by the river and watch the world go by. I also Join the Ramblers on walks as well and I walk with my Friends.

So I suffer with Anxitey and Depression I also have Aspergers Syndrome and Type 1 Diabeties so sometimes my Mental health can be up and down apprently Diabeties can affect mental health with my blood sugars if they are too high. Nature is in my mental health tool just it’s a kit I form my self and includes activities that help my mood and take the pressure off one of those being Photography

I have taken some lovley Pictires this week from the Bluebells to the trees and I love sitting outside and reading when the weather allows.

Also another thing in my Tool kit is reading and I have book recommendations for you

🌷The Illustrated Mum This is a brilliant book first introduced me to Mental Health This book is very well written and very emotinal and powerful for a childrens book if you can find it the Channel 4 TV Adaption Film was also powerful and stars Michelle Collins

🌷The Boy Who Fell To Earth

This book is a Romance with a twist the main character has Aspergers and it follows his mums worries about him dating with Aspergers. It’s funny in places as well and light hearted look at dating also helps that Kathy Letts has experience of Raising a Son with Aspergers who you can see on Holby City Playing Jason.

🌷Caged in Chaos Non Fiction book looking at Dyspraxia and follows the Authors experiences with the condition.

🌷Diary Of A Young Natrulist

I am currently reading this book and the author has Aspergers and it follows him talking about how Natire and wildlife has helped him understand the world he lives in.

🌷It Only Happens in the Movies

The Main characters has to deal with her mums mental health I thought the mum was well written and shows you at it’s like for a loved one to take care of someone who has Mental health difficulty.

🌷The Perks of being a Wallflower

This book is also powerful deals with a lot of Trauma as well.

🌷The Curuious incident of the Dog in The night Time

Brilliant book loved it I relates to the chracture having Autisim a lot.

🌷Notable mentions

The Astonishing clour of After

Fingers in the Sparkle Jar

My mental health tool kit includes watching my face TV and films

🌻TV and Film

These TV and film recommendations may trigger so watch them when you are in a good health space they are informative


🌻Jesy Nelson Odd one out

🌻Roman Kemp are silent emergency

🌻Stacey Dooley On the Psych Ward and Back on the Psych Ward

🌻Aspergers and me Chris Packham

🌻TV and Film

🌻The A word

🌻It’s kind of a funny story

🌻The Joker

I also have a app called Brain in hand it is expensive but worthwhile

I also recomend Happiful Magazine it’s great dedicates to mental health hitns and tips interviews free to read online or buy instore bit its brilliant

I hope you find these links useful 🌼

I hope you find this post helpful I am not a professional so please see a Gp or Talk if you are struggling.

Please leave a comment if you have any tips or actvties that help you cope.

Stay well and keep reading reading

Rhiannon x

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May The 4th Be with you

Happy Star Wars day love star Wars will be watching the films again during the week my fave chracture is Yoda followed closely by Mando and Grogru from the Mandorian and I love C3PO and R2D2 what ever you are doing today May the 4th be with you

Have a lovley Day who is your fave star wars chracture or film? Comment below

Rhiannon x

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April Wrap Up

And Just like that poof April has gone and May is here.

Enjoyed April so much lockdown is easing in the UK so I have been seeing my friends as much as i can. Went to the charity shops that felt so good and have had lunch with friends. Went to see the bluebells and celebrates my brothers 30th birthday and my 2 best friends birthdays and my grannys Birthday.

Reading wise I sidnt really read much been enjoying the weather and returning to Girl Guisng face to face that was brilliant.

I DNFs the time Travllers wife but have found it as a Audio book so will listen to it instead I finshed listening to American Panda I loved it review out soon.

TV Wise I am obsessed with the Arrow Universe and on season 3 I also watched Shazam as well.

May plans are

Currently reading the bee keeper of Aleppo and listing to drama Llama and reading the Mistmatch really enjoying that one.

I hope you have a lovley May this time next week I will be recovering from my second Jab so will be reading then.

Enjoy the photos

Keep reading and stay safe

Rhiannon xx

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Cover Reveal

I am excited to Share the Cover for the Clairvoyants the 4th Kinetic. This cover looks amazing and I would love to read this book it sounds amazing


Thereare four breeds of Clairvoyants: Kinetics who can move objects with their minds, Prophets who have involuntary visions of the future, Readers who can explore the deepest thoughts of others in an instant and Aural who can transfer their consciousness to control
the bodies of others.

Rion Grean is a Kinetic, but he has no idea there are others like him. His protective mother kept them on the move, even refusing to tell him about the father he never knew. When an accident separates them, he finds himself on the run from a covert, militaristic
force that sees his kind as wasps that have strayed into the homes of normal humanity. Suddenly engulfed within the different factions of the Clairvoyants, the boy who has never been good at making friends must determine who to follow.

Hope you have a good evening

Keep safe and carry on reading

Rhiannon x

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Libertie Book Tour

💜Welcome to my Stop on the Libertie Book Tour thanks to Algonquin books and Kaitlyn Greenage for a digital copy of the book. I have read Algonquin books and I love what they have published.

💜Title Libertie

💜By Kaitlyb Greenidge

💜Publisher Algoquin Books

💜Published 30th March 2021

💜Rating. 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟
💜Blurb The critically acclaimed and Whiting Award–winning author of We Love You, Charlie Freeman returns with an unforgettable story about the meaning of freedom.

Coming of age as a free-born Black girl in Reconstruction-era Brooklyn, Libertie Sampson was all too aware that her purposeful mother, a practicing physician, had a vision for their future together: Libertie would go to medical school and practice alongside her. But Libertie, drawn more to music than science, feels stifled by her mother’s choices and is hungry for something else—is there really only one way to have an autonomous life? And she is constantly reminded that, unlike her mother, who can pass, Libertie has skin that is too dark.

When a young man from Haiti proposes to Libertie and promises she will be his equal on the island, she accepts, only to discover that she is still subordinate to him and all men. As she tries to parse what freedom actually means for a Black woman, Libertie struggles with where she might find it—for herself and for generations to come.

Inspired by the life of one of the first Black female doctors in the United States and rich with historical detail, Kaitlyn Greenidge’s new novel resonates in our times and is perfect for readers of Brit Bennett, Min Jin Lee, and Yaa Gyasi.(goodreads)

💜My Review

I enjoyed this book. It was informative and I learnt alot about what people went through during this time. I liked the fact that its inspired by a real person as well so that was amazing. I love Libertie as a character she goes through a lot in her life and I really felt for her trying to get her husbands family to like her as well and navigating her mothers disapproval at leaving for Hati with her Husband.

The writing style I liked as well the description of sex at the time could of been better I did cringe while reading those parts.

I think the issues in this book were written well. And I think this book should be taught in school as well.

Really enjoyable read and a diffrent read for me

Will Read more from Kaitlyn Greenidge in the future.

💜About the Author

To find out more about the Author follow this link

I hope you enjoyed this book Tour

Stay safe and carry on reading

Rhiannon x

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